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  1. underline definition: 1. to draw a line under a word, especially in order to show its importance: 2. to emphasize: 3. Learn more.
  2. A better way to underline blank spaces for a printed document is to use the Tab key and apply the underline formatting to the tab characters. When you want to create an underline in an online form, insert table cells with the bottom border turned on. Underline blank spaces for a printed document.
  3. Be it a colleague from your organisation or collaborator overseas, Underline makes it easy for you to keep everyone on the same page. Transcript. References. 1. Horikawa, K., Matsubara, T., Kobayashi, H. Hydrogen charging of Al-Mg-Si-based alloys by friction in water and its effect on tensile properties.
  4. underline translate: (尤指为了强调)在(词语)下面画线, 强调,突出. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary.
  5. Sets the kind of text decoration to use (like underline, overline, line-through) text-decoration-color: Sets the color of the text decoration: text-decoration-style: Sets the style of the text decoration (like solid, wavy, dotted, dashed, double) initial: Sets this property to its default value. Read about initial: inherit.
  6. Passionate, multidisciplinary, & venture-backed. Our team marries network design and software solutions, proprietary knowledge science, scale structured finance, and government expertise to deliver intelligent community infrastructure—starting with the open .
  7. Find video lectures from your field's conferences worldwide. Underline's collection of conferences is always growing.
  8. Looking for Underline fonts? Click to find the best 44 free fonts in the Underline style. Every font is free to download!

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